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Category: Science

A fun take on the latest science news with enough data to sink your teeth into. Lagrange Point goes beyond the glossy summary and gets in depth with the research from across the world.

October 27, 2014

Episode 89 - Noble Prize 2014 Chemistry

How can we look at the smallest objects whilst they're still alive? Some rogue chemists broke the laws and found a way to peer beyond the limits of microscopy! Find out how they won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2014!

October 20, 2014

Episode 88 - Noble Prize 2014 Physics

How did the invention of little lights in red, green and blue let us have the marvelous technology that we have today? How did the invention of blue LEDs enable us to have smart phones? Find out how 3 researchers from Japan cracked the final piece of the puzzle in our Noble Prize 2014 Special.

October 13, 2014

Episode 87 - Noble Prize 2014 Medicine

How do we make mental maps? What enables us to not get lost when it's dark or we close our eyes? How does our brain track these locations? We find out in our 2014 Nobel Prize Special - Part 1.

October 6, 2014

Episode 86 - Ignoble Prizes Part 2

Are cat owners at more risk than dog owners? What's scarier for a reindeer - a polar bear or a human dressed as a polar bear? Why were these even researched in the first place? Check out our Ignoble Prize special - Part 2!