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Category: Science

A fun take on the latest science news with enough data to sink your teeth into. Lagrange Point goes beyond the glossy summary and gets in depth with the research from across the world.

February 24, 2014

Episode 54: Culls, Ethics And Bringing Animals Back From The Dead

The great white shark, badgers and wolves all share one thing in common; controversial culls. We talk about the science and ethics of these, along with the ultimate question - which animal would you bring back from extinction!

February 17, 2014

Episode 53: Winning Gold At The Olympics With Hot Pants, Gps And Wind Tunnels

How do you win gold medals at the Olympics? With hot pants of course! We talk about the science of the Olympics including wind tunnels, GPS, maps, and great diets! We talk about how science can help you win gold.

February 10, 2014

Episode 52 - Street Science Part 2 - Living In Space And What Food Is Safe

Part 2 of our Street Science special where we ask young scientists across Melbourne if they'd want to live in space forever if it meant not coming back to earth, and how humans learnt what food was safe to eat.

February 3, 2014

Episode 51 - Street Science Part 1 - Black Holes And Animals In Casinos

In this week's episode we bring science to the streets, and ask some young scientists what they feel about some of the latest scientific research! How do black holes work and which animal would be best to help you win big at a casino? We talk to our young scientists and get their own funny and insightful ideas before exploring the real science.