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Category: Science

A fun take on the latest science news with enough data to sink your teeth into. Lagrange Point goes beyond the glossy summary and gets in depth with the research from across the world.

January 27, 2014

Episode 50: Randomness, Bees, Robot Language And Dinosaurs

Just how random is random, and what do sharks, bees and humans all have in common? How do we make robots bond and speak like humans? What happens when you're an Apex Predator and someone challenges your throne? All this and more in a bumper special of Lagrange Point.

January 20, 2014

Episode 49: Bronx Frogs, Listening With Your Mouth And Hacking Frog’s Brains

New species discovered in the bronx, hacking the brain, and insights into evolution and romance; frogs sure have a lot to teach us about biology. We learn about some of the latest, greatest and funniest frog science.

January 19, 2014

Episode 24: Intelligent Cities, Cyber Vigilantes And Urban Design

It's time for cities of the future! Instagram for dogs; do cyber vigilantes help or hurt investigations; how to share space between trams, cars and people and how you can right now run a city like a game of Simcity!

January 13, 2014

Episode 48: Lovely Lizards, Legless Lizards, And Laconic Lizards

What do you call a lizard with no legs? What do lizards, billboards and fashion have in common? In what big cities can you find new species of lizards? What happens when a lizard falls in love? Find out some amazing things about chameleons, legless lizards and lizards in love in this lizard special!

January 6, 2014

Episode 47: The Exceptions To The Rules And Breaking The Laws Of Physics

Sometimes our best theories fall apart in tough circumstances. Negative temperatures, chemistry that ignores the rules of ionic bonding and perfect cellular copies are all possible at the edges of science, theoretically. We explore these exceptions to the rules and how theories change and grow.

January 1, 2014

Episode 1 - The Pilot

Welcome to Lagrange Point! Tune in for an informative but funny look into the world of science from the Young Scientists of Australia. Come and hang out at the Lagrange Point whilst we talk about:
-Polymer clothing from shrimp shells
-If working in scienctific research is the most ethical use of a lifetime
-Why guppy fish hang around with less attractive friends to boost their chances at love.

January 1, 2014

Episode 2 - Breast feeding dinos, Crazy Kickstarters and a Human magnet

Welcome to Lagrange Point! Tune in for an informative but funny look into the world of science from the Young Scientists of Australia. Come and hang out at the Lagrange Point whilst we talk about:
-Could you be a human magnet?
-Did dinos breastfeed their young?
-Fact or Fiction, which crazy kickstarter projects are real and which are fake.

January 1, 2014

Episode 3 - 3D Printers Special

Come check out YSA's podcast Lagrange Point where we hang out and talk about interesting ideas in science! In this week's episode we have a bumper special on 3D printers including:

-3D printing pens
-How 3D printing really works
-Bionic hearts
-Replica valentines chocolates and gummi bears
-Cool business card ideas
-Robotic bat wings

January 1, 2014

Episode 4 - All About Asteroids

Come hang out at the Lagrange Point, YSA's podcast where we take a comedic and interesting look at the world of science. This week we look into space to check out neighbours with topics including:
-Asteroid deflection with paint ball guns
-Asteroids craters being the creators of life
-Asteroid hunting satellites
-Asteroid mining

January 1, 2014

Episode 5 - Iron man suits, fact or fiction and curing blindess

Come hang out at the Lagrange Point, the Young Scientists of Australia podcast. This week we tackle the world of bionics and play our fact or fiction game! We delve into the world of:
-Iron man suits
-Controllable scent suits
-Bionic Eyes
-Kickstarter cyborg projects

January 1, 2014

Episode 6 - Plasma wings, Teleportation and quantum computers

Ever wanted to know how to use particle physics to teleport, to fly super fast using plasma wings or to super charge computing using micro drum quantum computers? The Young Scientist of Australia Podcast, Lagrange Point delves into the world of quantum mechanics and particle physics!

January 1, 2014

Episode 7 - Zombies and the Equinox Special

t's time for Lagrange Point's Equinox Special. Where we check out some cool equinox myths, discuss why eating so muc chocolate at once can ruin your love of chocoloate and play our Who am I game. We also delve into a very serious issue, and that is the science of...


January 1, 2014

Episode 8 - Biomimicry special Special

We dive into the world of biomimicry and learn how to climb on ceilings like a gecko, dodge deadly bacteria like a lotus leaf and defeat dangerous disease by shredding bacteria like bugs. We even try to answer into the question of what makes something living or not.

January 1, 2014

Episode 9 - Brains, Dreams and mind over matter

Want to record your dreams? How about moving things with your mind? Have you ever tried to convince someone that one injury hurt more than another? In this episode of the Young Scientists of Australia's Lagrange Point we delve into the brain, learn about pain and use mental powers to control machines.

January 1, 2014

Episode 10 - Wild weather on Earth and in Space!

On this week's episode of Lagrange Point we dive into wacky weather on earth and in space, including:
Rain from Saturn's rings;
Worsening air travel turbulence;
Introducing La Nada;
Living through a disaster makes you more positive;
Earth's new radiation belt

January 1, 2014

Episode 11 - Food science feast

Food, sciency food, are you eager to listen? This week's episode of Lagrange point cooks up a storm of food science creations including:

-Salsa that beats salmonella
-New "Tears be gone" onions
-CSI - Kitchen
-Who do you think your foods are?

January 1, 2014

Episode 12 - Vaccination Nation Part 1

It's Part 1 of our Vaccination Nation Special, where we ask YSA's resident (future) Doctor, Tegan Dobbie about the role vaccines play in shaping our nation, how we use them to save lives and the history of vaccines. Stay tune for Part 2 next week where we ask ethical questions vaccines in society.

January 1, 2014

Episode 13 - Vaccination Nation Part 2

t's Part 2 of our Vaccination Special on Lagrange Point! We ask YSA's resident (future) Doctor, Tegan Dobbie about the ethical issues relating to vaccines, how we can tailor them for our own uses, and how to vaccinate against zombies.

January 1, 2014

Episode 14 - Fairy Penguins, Tiger troubles and regrowing teeth

We talk about Fairies at the end of the St Kilda Pier, well fairy penguins that is. We also delve into the challenges facing Tigers in Indian as they try to find a good mate and figure out ways to use stem cells to regrow our teeth!

January 1, 2014

Episode 15 - Ant, Bee, Colony. It’s easy as 1,2,3.

On this week's episode we dive into the hive mind of bees and try and crack open the mysteries of colony collapse. We also look at the daily lives of ants, their career dreams and ambitions, and how the anternet works!